The founder and Head Instructor of the Goshinkan is Mr Jay Savery, Jay holds the rank of 5th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido and is based in Stafford, England.

Some of Mr Jay Savery’s dan tests have been recommended by Steven Miranda Sensei 6th Dan Yoshinkan and tests have been administered by the likes of Steven Miranda Sensei 6th Dan Yoshinkan, Jacques Payet Shihan 7th Dan Yoshinkan, Amos Lee Parker Shihan 9th Dan Yoshinkan then approved and signed by the director of the Yoshinkan Honbu Y. Shioda Kancho. Goshinkan is an independent dojo and is not connected to any other group or organization of similar or same name.

Jay Savery is without doubt one of the leading Physical Skills instructors in the U.K. today with years of experience under his belt in not only the martial arts but in the security field as well. He has over thirty years of experience to his credit in martial arts and has more than 15 years working as a door supervisor and security consultant and trainer to people in the Armed Forces, Foreign Military and Police Services, Social Care Directorates, NHS, Jay Savery is also a Master Personal Trainer so if your looking to get fit through a Martial Art or Exercise you’ve come to the right place.