The following are requirements upon entrance.

1. Enrolment/Membership Registration Form:

This is available at on the Website and Facebook Page also the front office of the dojo.

2. One photo:

Standard Passport Photo

3. Entrance Fee and Tuition:

Entrance/Enrolment fee: £30.00 Yearly
Tuition: £20.00 = 4 Sessions per month
Tuition: £30.00 = 8 Sessions per month

4. First month’s tuition:

If entrance takes place from the 16th to the last day of the month, the requirement is to pay for both half of the first month, and also the full tuition for the next month.

5. Dogi:

If applicant does not own a Dogi, he/she may purchase one at the dojo.

6. Bank account transfer information sheet:

This sheet is available on the Website and Facebook Page and the front desk of the dojo.
Tuition is to be paid by a Standing Order.
Please have the Bank account number ready.

7. For Students:

If you are a student(University/Specialized school), you must have student ID.
Upon entrance, please have your student ID ready (or anything you can prove that you belong to a school) .

8. For International Nationalities:

Requirements are Alien Registration, Passport, and Current residency address. Please have these information ready upon entrance.