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The new DNA fight science program devised by Andy Norman and Defence Lab is a reflection of his very own provocative life journey so far. Andy has an awesome training pedigree, and a massively colourful history, thus Defence Lab will continue to be a reflection of one of today’s great pioneers of modern urban martial art training methodologies.

Andy says:

“I have always been fascinated with the study of the human; DNA clearly been a “secret” code of our genetic makeup.

I have, right from the very beginning of my studies, been captivated with the process of defence in attack; how to make a defence mechanism the most brutal and ballistic form of self-defence, as luck would have it, DNA can also be seen as an acronym for defence ‘in’ attack… so that’s how the DNA fight science name came about”.

“DNA – Defence in attack; perfectly describes what we do, and what I have been doing all my life”

Great things are spawned from what many consider to be crazy, until it becomes the “NORM”…


To Survive…

This provocative and inspirational DNA Fight Science will instigate, provoke, challenge and revolutionize the way you think and approach your fight training forever…

Keeping it Real

We live in an ever changing world; evolution being a natural cycle of life. Things are constantly changing and progressing all around us; fighting skills and abilities are no different… they are evolving all the time. We all need to adapt to the changes that are occurring within our communities, especially with regards to self-preservation of ourselves, and our loved ones.

The nucleus of the DNA Fight Science is the CULTIVATION of INSTINCT. And is a direct consequence of real events, experiences, and subsequent years of research and investigation in the “Lab”.

The DNA Fight Science process has a radically modern approach, hence old and primitive traditions do not bind it, nor do they limit the never ending process of evolution.

If you are a genuinely open minded scholar of the arts, and ready to learn and evolve your abilities and attributes in order to become an efficient, dynamic and ballistic FIGHTING MACHINE – then look no further than the all new DNA Fight Science by Defence Lab.

Creative and innovative information is key in the pursuance of excellence. Pressing the boundaries of the conditioned mind is never easy, but totally ESSENTIAL if you are to learn and develop the elusive skill sets that elude most…. YET, actively chasing!