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It is an educational program which develops using martial arts as tools, specifically personal defence. What is sought through this program is to teach children the abilities, attitudes and aptitudes that they need to develop in the current society which is in constant evolution.

Boys and girls will learn to respect their peers, greet, ask permission to enter sites, be responsible and careful with the class material and their own items, to use their towel, etc.


kids2More importantly children will find, it is a program that will help them in their personal growth, will give them confidence and will make them believe in themselves, it will teach them that they can be all that they want to be, that we make our own limits.

A very important and revolutionary point in the children’s program is the interaction of parents with their children, which, through a qualified instructor will be guided to assume different roles, sometimes as teachers and sometimes as pupils. With all that, parents will understand what their children like, with things that enjoy more, and see the importance of listening to their children, especially when they have something to say, show or teach.

kids1It is a unique opportunity to understand this important part. In addition, parents will understand a little better how their children are working and how they can help them prepare their exams and improve.

Here they have the opportunity to be near and learn to be together, both parts (fathers, mothers, sons and daughters), through the exchange of roles, because in the society we live in it seems that parents are always talking , and children must listen and learn, but adults also have much to learn from their children.